Airborne Wine Corks

February 18, 2017 4 Comments

We have been getting many comments and questions about this DIY décor. So, we decided to prepare a quick and easy to follow photo tutorial for you. This is a fun and easy way to display your wine cork collection.

You’ll need:

1.  Measure and cut the fishing line to the desired length with 4-5 inches surplus to allow for installation – we made ours 8’ 5’’, so they hang floor to ceiling.

2.  Thread the fishing line through the needle.

3.  Push the needle though the cork.

4.  Move the cork to the desired place on the line, and place a tiny drop of glue right near the hole where the fishing line comes out:

5.  Continue until the garland is complete. We were leaving about 6 inches of space in between corks. Make as many of them as you like.

6.  To install them, we nailed several nails into the ceiling beam (you can nail them into the ceiling) and wound the surplus fishing line onto the nails.

7.  Trim the end of the fishing line.

Since fishing line is nearly invisible, especially with a light background wall, the corks appear to be floating in the air. This is a very cool visual effect and a picture just can’t justify it.

This wine cork craft can serve as a decorative piece or visual divider for the room. My initial idea was to build a wine sofa table and hang wine corks above it, so it would be a visual divider between our dining room and living room. Here is the sketch I made before we moved in.

It is the view from our dining room into the living room beyond wine corks. Unfortunately, I had to save this idea for the future. There was no way I could squeeze a console wine table into our small living room. Thus, we built a “wine” coffee table instead.
However, you might want to use this idea for your space. I think it would look really interesting.

I just have to warn you, it is not young kids friendly. They love to pull and play with those strings. And we might need to remove ours very soon when our 7- month old baby starts walking. 🙂


  1. Mary-In the boondocks

    February 23, 2017

    Nadia I love this idea when I first saw it in another of your posts I told my friends about it. This is a baby magnet for sure. I guess for the baby you’ll just have to make them shorter.

    • Nadia Karpov

      February 28, 2017

      Mary, yes this will be a huge magnet for a baby. So make it shorter is a good idea! I was thinking to remove them completely 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Donella

    February 27, 2017

    Ooohhh… I LOVE this! It’s absolutely gorgeous, but my cat would have a field day with it. LOL

    • Nadia Karpov

      February 28, 2017

      Donella, that is true! it attracts kids and definitely will attract pets, especially cats, because they are dangling when you touch them 🙂

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