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We have bad news and good news

November 3, 2017 Comments Off on We have bad news and good news

We have bad news and good news to share! Should we start with the bad news? Ok, maybe it is not that bad after all, but here it is: we have sold our much-loved house and moved out of state. The good news is that there are some great changes coming that we are really looking forward to, and as true DIYers, we are so excited to jump into new projects in our new (future) home! It was a little bit bittersweet feeling leaving this house – we put so much work and love into it, we spent a little over three happy years there. But at the same time, we are so excited for the upcoming changes. The reason we decided to move is because of Dmitri’s job. His commute was between three and four hours per day – crazy!!! So, with the move we are looking forward to more time spent together and more fun and creative projects around the new house to accomplish!

What’s Next?..

But for right now, we have moved back into a rental until we find something we love! What fun! We have no idea how long we will end up staying here, but there is something cool about this uncertainty. What we know for sure is we definitely will make it cozy and homey, and we will share our progress with you.

Here is a sneak peek before picture taken with my iphone camera the day we moved in:

rental apartment filled with packed boxes

With all this being said, you can guess there are a lot of things going on right now. We apologize for not posting much lately. We have been busy selling the house, packing stuff, and taking some summer time-off.

Other Changes

We had also decided to change the design of this blog. So, if you found it was down, that is because we were working on it! Please let us know how you like it )))


We want to pay tribute to this house with some before and after pictures:


before and after entryway


First Floor Hallway

before and after hallway


before and after hallway


Living Room

before and after living room


Dining Room

before and after dining room


Dining Room before and after



Second Floor Hallway

second floor hallway


Bedroom 1

bedroom before and after


Bedroom 2

before and after bed room


Master Bedroom

before and after monochromatic master bedroom


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