8 Reasons We Love D.I.Y.

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DIY is undoubtedly becoming more popular lately, among the reasons for this, is the poor economy. Nowadays, many people would rather rely on their skills as a means of self-employment rather than joining the rat race of the standard nine-to-five job, in addition to that is the better availability of educational materials because of the internet. You can easily find literally any tutorial from painting the cabinets to repairing your car. Before, you would have to make a trip to the library and go through many books or find someone with lots experience before you can find answers to your questions— and still, it would be difficult to apply this theoretical knowledge even after receiving it— unlike today, where you can stream a video on YouTube and get all the necessary information you need.

Fortunately, today you can effortlessly find an unlimited variety of affordable tools in your local home improvement stores that can help you to easily complete any project.

Listed below are 8 Amazing Benefits and Advantages of DIY.

1.  Save Money

DIY definitely saves you a lot of money. The cost of materials are much cheaper than the final product.  If you have expensive taste, but have a low budget, you can easily create what you want piece-by-piece all by yourself. Think of how old stuff can be retouched to look new once again, head over to shop local thrift stores, yard sales, or Craigslist and do a little search. You’re assured to get something cool there for just a little money. One of our favorite purchase from Craigslist was a three piece bedroom set – dresser, chest, and a nightstand for $100 for all three pieces. After some easy makeover, they all found their places in our home – the dresser now serves as a buffet in our dining room.

Chest and a nightstand are serving their purpose in the guest room.

Oh, and you should see that almost brand new Pottery Barn nursing chair that we got from Craigslist for just $150! The store price is around $1500. The seller was just cleaning out their house and put it out for nominal price just to get rid of it as soon as possible. Their trash became our treasure!

2.  Save Environment

We always try as much as possible to live in the most sustainable way. Every recyclable material in our house are always recycled. We also live in a minimal way, not purchasing unnecessary things (even though it might be tempting to get that cute looking mug in the Home Goods). And whenever we need something we always consider Craigslist or Goodwill first. By doing that, you are not only saving money, but making our Planet little bit greener in two ways:
• Reduce newly bought possessions. In other words, you are not going to buy new product but you will reuse someone else’s.
• Reuse. You are reusing or repurposing old or used things to give them a second life. Thus, you are diverting old pieces from the landfills. And this is win-win case!

3.  Have fun/relax

Thinking of new DIY projects, sketching, and brainstorming is so much fun. Then when you get to the handy part, it is like meditation. You shut down your mind from daily routine thoughts and dive into the ocean of creativity. Seeing how things are being transformed bit by bit in your hands is very exciting.
We can work on our DIY projects all weekend long, and though sometimes it involves some determination coupled with a little stress, at the end of the day we feel rejuvenated, relaxed, rewarded, and so happy when we are looking at the progress we have achieved—no matter how small—  the project can help make you satisfied and also proud of yourself.

4.  Spend time together.

Have you noticed how much time we spend in the virtual world nowadays? The DIY project allows you to communicate in real time, enjoy each other, cook lunch together in between, generate and share your ideas and dreams. Who knows? This might be able to bring your relationship to a whole new level. When we were hanging wallpaper in our entryway, we almost got divorced…. Hahaha…Just kidding.. Though it was a challenging and tedious project which couldn’t be completed with just a pair of hands,  we were very satisfied with the result.

During this moment of interaction, discover each other and yourself. You might never know that you or your partner has an artistic flair and could be an excellent designer or have great organizing skills.
It is like in that anecdote:
-”You know, last night we had power outage in our house..”
-”So, what did you do?”
-”I got to chat with my wife. And you know, it turned out she is very interesting and charming person…”

5.  Learn something new

Whether you’re building furniture, painting your kitchen cabinets, sewing curtains, or figuring out how to fix some home appliances, there is always some learning involved. And it is well known that learning new skills keeps your brain sharp and improves memory. You might be reading a great magazine about DIY projects on Pinterest and think “I would never be able to do that” or “How do they do that?”. Well, I was once that kinda person, but really it is so easy. Pretty much every DIY blogger has a free tutorial on how they did their projects. Just follow the instructions. And you will notice that in the middle of the project, you will find yourself creating and getting used to your personal technique or idea to complete your very own project. And that brings us to next two reasons

6.  Boosts Creativity

Before you create something with your hands, you need to first have an idea which involves brainstorming. Eventually, you will find one, and it’ll become so creative, you will learn to see beautifulness in things that others can’t. You will become a walking idea generator. There is no one day that passes us by without new ideas. And they are not only DIY projects related. You will be surprised with yourself, just how much of great ideas related to all aspects of your life you can generate while in the process.

7.  Personalize

Whether it’s a DIY gift, piece of furniture, or interior design, it will be a very unique, one of a kind work. It will have a touch of your personality and style, a piece of your soul.

Wanna what words people use often when they talk about our interior design? Unique, not ordinary, cozy. Then the most asked question is “where did you get that barn door (buffet, tables, chair, etc.)?” And they are very surprised about the answer. I know that we inspired some friends to do same. Recently my sister asked me to help her to redesign her room on a tight budget. So, now we are shopping thrift stores to find pieces that fit our ideas.  With her permission we’ll be glad share when the project’s end result when it’s completed.

8.  Lose weight

Weight loss is also a great side effect of DIY activities! Yay!

Now your turn 🙂

Getting involved in DIY projects provides all these benefits to you and much more. People are  switching to DIY because it is fun. It also gives an opportunity to customize and show off your personal style. Most of the time there are lots of other reasons. Tell us, what are your reasons for going DIY?

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