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As I follow many bloggers who are either professional or self-taught designers, I often come across their recommendations on how to decorate your home correctly. One of the most often recommended things is to find your style and stick to it. Well, we broke that rule with our bedroom decor!

While it is even hard for me to define our home decor style, but I tend to think, it is modern-rustic-meets-industrial… I just came up with this. I don’t even know if something like this exists, hehe… But, as long as it feels great and homey, I’ll stick to it. And if you are interested, welcome to our home!

So, speaking of our bedroom. We had to make it over quickly and on the very low budget. We wanted it to be more modern with simple and clean lines.

Also we had a challenge to work around that pink carpet…

Look at that basic carpet – this odd looking color was, of course, the cheapest option for the builders to use because it is not popular. Who would want that carpet in their house? Our entire second floor has this carpet. This is what it looked like when we moved in – pink-ish carpet and bright blue walls.
We wanted the bedroom interior to be minimal, yet stylish, glamorous, and sophisticated. While thinking of minimal design, we always envisioned hardwood floors. However, we didn’t have the time, nor much spare money to replace the carpet with hardwood floors. So, the project was supposed to be on a very low budget. Here came the gray paint (Glidden Seal Grey 00NN 25/000).

It is classic and timeless, yet very modern. It is very calming and soothing, perfect for the bedroom. It looks great with any furniture style and any accent color in the room.
The gray color helped us to achieve “That” look without having to change the carpet, which would have been expensive and time-consuming.



For the accent wall we decided to go with a floor to ceiling wall mural (under $130) to add drama and interest to the simple design of the room.

The wall mural came with paste and instructions, and was super easy to install. Just follow the instructions that are included in the package.

The room also had a chunky ceiling fan. We absolutely hated it, and even removed it before taking any pictures (sorry, you can’t see a complete “before” look). As big fans of track light fixtures, we went with this option. You can easily highlight spots, wall art, etc. by directing the light bulbs. This one we found at IKEA a while ago. It was stored in the boxes while we were moving from rental to rental. And finally its time came!

We wanted to keep the design as monochromatic as possible. It brings a touch of elegance and creates a spa-like effect. This is important for the bedroom where we come to relax after our busy and stressful days. The monochromatic design helps to relax the brain as it doesn’t have much information to process which leads to a better night’s sleep.
Thus we added gray curtains and bedding. If you want to visually make the ceiling higher, choose ceiling to floor curtains with no visible rod. They create a waterfall effect and definitely add some length to the walls. To add to the relaxed feel, I let the curtain puddle at the bottom. However, if the curtains were made of heavy material, that would give a rather formal look. I found the curtains at IKEA. They come in two lengths – standard and long. The ones we chose are long to allow puddling.

And here it is, the new look for under $250:

  • Paint – Under $60
  • Wall Mural – under $130
  • Curtains – around $30 (~$15/per two panels)
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