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The entryway is what gives that all-important first impression to your guests. It is also a place where you spend some time every day when you are prepping to head out the door. So, this part of your house shouldn’t be overlooked. See how to give it a warm and welcoming feel with this easy update.



Transform the look of the room by simply hanging wallpaper. Modern wallpaper design can dramatically transform any room and make a statement.
Do you think wallpaper is old-fashioned? We thought so too. Then we decided to do something different in the hallway. After some brainstorming, we considered wallpaper. We browsed the internet for modern styles and were truly impressed by the huge variety of patterns and textures. Wallpaper can definitely help to complete your décor style – from traditional or retro to transitional or modern.

We haven’t had any experience with hanging wallpaper previously. However, it wasn’t complicated, just a bit tedious and time consuming. You need to carefully measure and align strips of paper. Wallpaper adds a freshness, mood, charm, texture, and personal style that you cannot achieve with paint. It adds visual interest andit might serve as a visual divider between the living areas.

Decorating an entire room with wallpaper can get pricey. However, you can choose to install wallpaper on part of the wall to create an accent. We installed it around the staircase, and managed to do it with just two rolls of wallpaper (which cost less than $70 per double roll).
Before you buy any wallpaper, calculate carefully how many rolls you will need and make sure to account for extra wallpaper for pattern alignment.

I remember my grandparents’ house. They lived in the countryside in an old house with very traditional decor. As soon as you entered, especially during winter time, warm air and the tempting smell of baked sweets would make you feel so welcomed, so “at home”. I chose traditional-style wall paper with a damask design, as I wanted to achieve that homey, cozy, and inviting feeling for everyone entering our home.

It paired great with the chandelier which I picked up from a local Craigslist seller way before I had any idea where I would hang it. So, it came to match that entryway style very well.

So here is the price breakdown:

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