Dated Beasty Into Contemporary Beauty

Dated Beasty Into Contemporary Beauty

Take a look at this picture:

dated pendant lamp

Does it look familiar? Of course it does! You can see this type of pendant fixture in almost every older builder-basic house. This is what we had hanging from our cathedral ceiling when we moved in. The lamp was among the first things to be gone, and we replaced it with my Craigslist find (which I found and fell in love with waaay before we found our house). You can see it in this post.

I am usually pretty good at discarding or donating unnecessary things, but somehow this beasty ended up collecting dust in our garage. We completely forgot about it until I was searching for something else and stumbled upon it. My first thought was to put it in the donation box, but then I had one of those “A-HA” moments. 
And the idea was born to turn it into a contemporary light fixture. Which I did for less than $4.

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Materials needed:

  1.  ½ yard of felt from Jo-Ann Fabrics store.
  2. Needle
  3. Matching thread
  4. (optional) rust-oleum paint

This project is so easy, it doesn’t really require particular measurements. 
I started by wrapping the lamp cast with the fabric and cut off the surplus.

Next, I hand sewed the seam, making invisible stitches. Because felt is a pretty thick material, it is easy to do so.

(optional) If you want to change the color of the lamp’s hardware, do it before the next step. I happened to have a can of dark gray spray paint left over from another project. And it was a perfect match for my gray contemporary lamp fixture. You may want to read this before spray painting the hardware.

Then I grabbed two opposite sides and joined them with the thread to add shape.

Once again before:


gray felt pendant shade. contemporary bedroom

It took about 30 minutes for the shade and 5 minutes of spraying the lamp hardware. You should allow a couple hours of drying time, though.

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