5 Tips to Help You Decorate Your Decking

5 Tips to Help You Decorate Your Decking

In a previous post we ran through instructions on how to patch-up this garden focal point. With that in mind, and with spring upon us, this article will run through 5 tips that you can follow to help decorate your decking in time for summer.

Introduce color to your deck

Spring generally means a shift from the monochromatic whites and grays of winter to an explosive array of colors usually in the form of flowers. You can bring this concept to your deck by using bright colors as accents. For example, you can purchase rugs or throw pillows with bold colors and patterns to give your decking some vibrancy. You can even use quirky, eye-catching pieces as a fun touch. 

However, make sure that the rug and the cushions are intended for outdoor use so that they do not get ruined in case the weather turns bad. One King Lane suggests looking for accessories made with weatherproof fabrics so that they don’t fade quickly. Alternatively, you can give your deck a fresh lick of paint to update its look. 

Choose climate-appropriate furniture for your deck

stylish patio furniture

If you find yourself replacing your deck furniture every year or so, the chances are it might be because your furniture isn’t appropriate for your surrounding environment. For example, The Spruce suggests that furniture made of wicker, wrought iron, or resin is ideal for colder climates. Homeowners who live in regions accustomed to warm weather, on the other hand, can opt for all-weather porch furniture. 

Use natural decorations

plant and flowers decorated patio / deck

One reason why decking is extremely popular is that it provides a relaxing environment for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave their homes. With the emergence of spring, homeowners can once again use plants to add life to their decking. 

There are two options when it comes to using plants to spruce up your deck. One is to use them as accents. For example, flowering plants can be placed in different parts of the deck as accents. On the other hand, you can also opt to transform a corner of your deck into a mini-garden. Popular choices include ornamental plants, such as flowers, or even herbs and vegetables. 

If you do opt to brighten up your garden decking with flowering plants, you can always store them away again when winter comes around. Greenhouses are extremely useful for storing plants all year round, and looking at the current models showcased on Screwfix it’s clear that these all-weather purpose shelters are built with toughened glass ideal for protecting plants against inclement weather conditions.

Other fun nature-inspired decors include small water fountains and mini-rock garden.

Install outdoor lighting

Decks afford owners the luxury of being able to watch the sunset, view the stars at night or provide them with a relaxing platform to chill out on. If you want to get the most from your deck, then it’s advisable to set up an outdoor lighting system. This can be done through overhead lanterns or even soft glow spotlights, which will give your outdoor feature a cozy and warm glow. 

Use the walls to your advantage

An often forgotten facet of the garden is the surrounding walls. If you do have walls that meet with your decking then a great idea to implement is to utilize hanging baskets or grow climbers up your walls, according to famed celebrity gardener, Alan Titchmarsh. This way it will give the decking an earthy feel to it. Just make sure that the roots of the climbers don’t interfere with the decking. 

Spring is a season that celebrates new life. So with that in mind, breathe new life into your garden by following these tips to give it a new look this spring!




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