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Here are the housekeeping products we use:

  1. Oven, stove, bathroom, sink and vanities, stained dishes - plain baking soda. It gently removes stains without damaging surfaces. It is natural, cheap, and clear of any odors - a one ingredient product! Just sprinkle some on a sponge or surface and gently scrub the stains away.

  2. Glass and mirrors - just water and newspaper or a paper towel. Apply a wet rag to the surface, wipe dry with newspaper or a paper towel.
  3. Dishes - Seventh Generation dishwashing gel for hand washing or “free and clear” dishwasher powder for automated dishwashing.
  4. Laundry - Seventh generation liquid detergent, Mrs. Mayers laundry detergents or laundry soda. Or make your own laundry soap using this simple recipe.
  5. Hardwood floor cleaner - we used Bona for a long time - it is free of scents and a very good alternative to common cleaner. But not so long ago, we were preparing a very simple cleaning solution based on vinegar and castile soap. You can find the recipe in our post about bamboo flooring.
  6. Air fresheners – The best thing is to open windows for fresh air. During the winter, we put essential oil into our humidifier. You can check out more natural methods for eliminating odors, including coffee, vinegar, and baking soda