Our Story

Hi there! We are Nadia and Dmitri, two passionate DIY-ers and newbies to the world of blogging. We enjoy home remodeling, decorating, furniture makeover projects and everything design and creative! We are so happy to see you here! And here is why…

Let us run a little introduction first. We, Dmitri and I (Nadia), came to the United States around 10 years ago. We met each other in 2006 in Atlantic City, NJ and got married in 2011.

Three years later we bought our first townhouse in South Jersey.
 It was a builder-basic house, but it was ours and we were so excited to personalize it, make it lovely and cozy; and make it our ‘home’. Our house became our playground where we are testing and implementing our budget-friendly decorating and remodeling ideas. Things are constantly evolving as we continue this journey.
It still doesn’t answer the question why we are so thrilled to see you here… Well, keep reading.
Both of us have full time carriers that are far from design, decor, or any other field of creativity! Nadia is an environmental scientist. Dmitri is working towards switching his career in engineering to web development. Since school years we were both inclined towards natural sciences and math.  We were never 'writers' and English is a second language to us, and here we are starting our own blog (what?!..) that anyone could read (intimidating!..).

What are we passionate about?

When we are not working on our next project or working our day jobs, we enjoy practicing yoga, cooking, hiking, trying new types of activities, travelling even if it involves short distances in state or out of state. We are always excited to learn new places, people and cultures. You will almost never find us chilling on the beach or at the hotel pool. We are explorers who enjoy off the beaten paths whenever possible.

So, the obvious confusion: Why did we decide to start this blog?

Going back to when we bought our townhouse; we immediately jumped to home renovation projects the very next week-end. We would even work on the projects during the week days, after our day jobs; demolishing, building, painting, sketching, shopping in our local home improvement store (the store staff knows us by names by now! LOL!), brainstorming, going to check out the pieces we found on Craigslist, and sharing our ideas with each other. We could not wait till the end of our ‘routine’ working day or for the weekend to come. It was immense fun and pleasure- building our HOME!
Nadia has always been passionate about beautiful and creative things like home decoration pieces and artwork, crafting, interior designing, and fashion. Dmitri, on the other hand, has always loved to work with wood; to plan and build furniture. So, we are working as a team - Nadia is designing, Dmitri builds it.
When our friends come over they often ask us how we completed a certain project, how we achieved a specific look or where we get the furniture pieces, etc. Some even started asking us for home décor advice! And recently, two nurses visited our home to check on our newborn, they asked which one of us is an interior designer!!
That was the best compliment ever!
We then realized, we have knowledge, skills, and experience… why not share it with the world? We know we can help people build beautiful homes, using eco-friendly ways and without burning a hole in the pocket! Yes, you can have a very low budget and still be very high on style!

The Decision Maker

We started thinking about sharing our experience and ideas with the world about a year ago. However, the thought of writing about it was what made us anxious. And, who would want to read it? Would anyone want to read US?
There are so many similar blogs, some that are extremely interesting and others by people with much more experience than us. And this is what triggered our decision…
We recently read a book that influenced us and helped us decide to start this blog. And that book is “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. The book is about Resistance - the thing that is on the way to our dreams. It may come in many forms - procrastination, drugs, alcohol... Ours came in the form of Fear (to write and to put our faces "out there"). Steven suggests to do the things you are most afraid of or think you can’t do. Just go and do it to overcome that fear. It is better to regret about the things you have done than those that you haven’t even tried!
Well, here is the thing, our blog is about the things we love to do - interior decoration, DIY crafts, furniture building, furniture makeover, budget and eco-friendly interior design ideas and a lot more.

And the reason we are so thrilled to see you here, because if you are still reading this, it means a lot to us as blogging newbies. There would be no blog without you, friend! We hope, our ideas and tutorials will inspire and help you to create your own unique interior designs. Thank you so much for reading. Please contact us if you have any comment or have specific questions about the projects we share. We would be thrilled to chat with anyone who wants to know more about us or our projects. And as we are constantly working on something new, you can subscribe to our newsletter, so you won’t miss our new projects reveals and updates!
We know a lot of people love DIY just as much as we do and believe me we will be equally thrilled and excited to see your ideas and DIY home projects. Let’s share our passion!
So, now that you know our story, are you ready to take our home tour?